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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jersey Jack Cooks Stouffers for Scruffy

Scruffy isn't always in his stroller. He has to get down on all fours to teach me his usual route around Pelican Bay. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, that route includes a stop at the guard house, where a charming man known as Jersey Jack cooks Scruffy a Stouffer's dinner. Here's the weekend menu. Friday: Beef. Saturday: Chicken. Sunday: Turkey. Jersey Jack not only cooks it, he cuts it up for Scruff and serves it on good china. He cleans up, too.

Bear in mind that nobody (least of all me) cooks for Scruffy the other four nights of the week. However, this dog's built-in calendar/clock apparently tells him when Jersey Jack is on duty and it's Stouffer's time. Monday through Thursday, Scruffy doesn't care about going anywhere near the guard house. But when the weekend rolls around, he's licking his chops as soon as I get out the stroller.

Like any half-way decent dog-sitter, I just follow his lead.