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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Press Release: KerryTown BookFest in Ann Arbor

Immediate Release Gene Alloway 734-669-0451

Tiny books, big cottages, tough detectives and bodice rippers will join cartoonists, science fiction writers, book designers, artists and book sellers at the fourth annual Kerrytown BookFest in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Sunday, September 10, 2006.

Gene Alloway, president of the BookFest and proprietor of Motte and Bailey Booksellers in Ann Arbor, said the annual event celebrates those who create books and those that read them.

“The primary goal is to celebrate the region’s rich heritage in the book and printing arts,” Alloway said.

The day will be filled with entertainment, educational programs and hands-on experiences in the art of bookbinding, paper making, paper marbling and letterpress and digital printing. A special children’s tent will include storytelling and hands on activities.

Alloway said the day-long festival, which attracted more than 2,500 visitors last year, will bring together more than 100 artisans, authors and book sellers in the Ann Arbor historic district.

This year’s festival also will take a special look at differing genres of the writing craft including science fiction, mystery, GLBT and romance novels. Special author panels include mystery writers Loren Estleman, Mitchell Bartoy, Barbara D’Amato, Libby Fischer Hellman, Nina Wright, Lee Meadows, Marcia Talley and Nancy Martin.

Romance writers including, Beverly Jenkins, Dorien Kelley, Natalie Dunbar and Michelle Celmer, will showcase different styles and audiences.

Alloway said the book arts section of the program will range from digital arts to historical binding with ongoing demonstrations of fish printing, letterpress printing, paper and book making and book repair. Free book appraisals will be available and Dr. Book will give advice on book restoration.

The Alchemists will show how modern techniques of digital technology have revolutionized printing and brought new approaches to the art of printing. Book artists such as Pati Scobey will discuss their work and conceptual approaches; Julia Miller will present a discussion on historical binding and Joan Buescher Bartlett will introduce the ancient eastern meditative binding technique called Yamato.

The Kerrytown BookFest will be held 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., Sunday, September 10 at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Markey in Ann Arbor’s historic Kerrytown.

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