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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mystery Scene review: WHISKEY ON THE ROCKS

Mystery Scene Magazine

Whisky on the Rocks by Nina Wright
Midnight Ink

Whiskey Mattimoe has a lot on her hands, dealing with her recent widowhood while keeping her realty business going. Things go downhill in a hurry when someone is murdered--and a valuable painting goes missing--at a rental property she manages. Since the resort town of Magnet Springs, Michigan, has only a part-time police force, Whiskey feels compelled to take the initiative in finding the killer, especially when the property's owner files a complaint with the realtor's regulatory board.

Whiskey is a sometimes-contradictory person; these inconsistencies make her both realistic and charming. She's a busy, hard-nosed businesswoman, yet is the unofficial caretaker for her eight-year-old neighbor, Chester. Logical, intelligent and detail-oriented, she forgets to use the security system at her own house. Many times flippant and cynical, she looks for the good in everyone she meets--and finds the humor in many outrageous situations. Since the town is a New Age haven, several of the supporting characters are fairly quirky; all are equally realistic and enjoyable.

The author's experiences as a playwright and actress are evident throughout the book. Ms. Wright's descriptions are short, yet convey vivid images of both people and places. The dialogue is crisp, always serving to move the story forward.

With a fair number of eccentric characters and a plot involving everything from New Age tele-counseling to body swapping to art forgery, the book is rather busy. The author maintains this fast pace nicely, while delivering a very funny, well-written and engaging tale.

- Sue Reider