The Whiskey Mattimoe Mysteries

humorous whodunnits by Nina Wright . . . starring a Michigan realtor and her felonious Afghan hound

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Still Being Distilled: Whiskey Three . . .

I'm now officially three-quarters of the way through Whiskey and Tonic. Yes--in case you were wondering--I write my mysteries in quarters. Although I don't outline per se, I write lots of notes and ask myself lots of questions as I make my way toward my quarterly goals.

I'm blessed to have a trusted corps of experts reading and commenting on my drafts. That special group includes a theatre director, a Realtor, an attorney, and a teacher. Then there's my Writers Group comprised of novelists who happen to have backgrounds in medicine, film-making and library science. With readers like those, I'm grateful for their every insight and humble about my every shortcoming.

If you missed my Author Event at Aunt Agatha's in Ann Arbor, you missed a sneak preview of Whiskey and Tonic. My lively audience especially enjoyed the A2 references. Thanks to bookseller Robin Agnew and her Thursday night book club for the lively discussion, the dog anecdotes, and the T-shirt in my favorite color. Happy to have my autograph hanging on the wall near James Lee Burke's!