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humorous whodunnits by Nina Wright . . . starring a Michigan realtor and her felonious Afghan hound

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Review

Whiskey and Tonic
Midnight Ink, 2007
by Nina Wright

This reader bellies up to the
bar for the third installment
in the Whiskey Mattimoe
series and leaves with a happy
buzz. It’s the annual Miss
Blossom pageant in Magnet
Springs, but instead of a local beauty stealing the crown, it’s
Whiskey’s dog, Abra. Soon after, the former Miss Blossom
is found dead and the current winner is hospitalized. It’s up
to Whiskey and her friends to track down the missing dog
and discover who has it in for the Miss Blossoms. Wright’s
humorous and quirky style is entertaining. This series and its
characters seem to grow better with age, just like whiskey.

— Deanna Woolf

The University of Toledo Alumni Magazine
Winter 2008


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